International Secured Project Support BV is a specialist in developing and coordinating international projects in meat processing with focus on cattle-, sheep- and poultry slaughterhouses. Most of these activities take place on the African continent and always in close cooperation with our clients in all stages of the project. We also work closely together with our business partners to optimize the technology for the slaughterhouse and to help our clients to implement their projects.

In addition to the meat processing ISPS also develops other projects mainly focusing on food processing and agro sectors. Typical examples of these projects are: poultry production from parent stock to full grown broilers or commercial layers, in liquid nitrogen production plants to support biological research, in medical oxygen generators to support medical and industrial applications, in fruit processing, in feed mills, in fertilizer plants etc.

With over thirty years of experience in Africa, ISPS has built up a large network of reliable organizations and professional candidates. As a mediator, ISPS supports both the employer as the candidate from the recruitment process till the end of the contract phase. We recruit the best technical candidates in the field of meat processing (poultry, cattle, pig, etc.), fruit juice processing and in many other food processing and Agricultural sectors.

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Johan Theunissen
Managing Director ISPS BV

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