International Specialist Project Support
ISPS is a specialist in the development and coordination of international projects in meat production and processing, and projects related to food, feed and agricultural sectors. Our activities take place on the African continent and always in close cooperation with our clients at all stages of the project; developing the project idea, feasibility study/ business plan, connecting financial or subsidy programs, coordination, implementation and project management.

ISPS has over 30 year’s practical experience. During that time we have been actively involved in more than 150 projects across Africa and have built up a large network of excellent contacts with clients and associated business areas. Consequently, we have access to a large network of professional specialists that can be engaged to optimize the efficiency of our projects when and where needed.

Added value is often created by arranging project financing for many of our clients in Africa and by recruiting technical staff and/ or management to manage the project till the local employees can take over.

ISPS develops sustainable, profitable and tailor-made projects in meat, agricultural and other sectors in close cooperation with our clients with the aim to make the local region or area as self-supporting and independent as possible. Our projects should have a genuine impact, create long term professional employment especially for women.

logo transparantOur company slogan ‘Think Local –Act Global’ expresses our wish to involve as much as possible local resources to develop the most cost effective project solutions.

With our involvement and sustainable approach ISPS strives to build up a long term relationship with our clients. We want to be proud of our projects and the long lasting impact they have.

Africa is developing at great pace, the new generation is well educated and has comparable entrepreneurial skills to the rest of the world. At present and especially in the food and agricultural sectors, insufficient added value is created in African countries. We foresee that this will change in the near future as local production will take over and added value will be increasingly created on the African continent. ISPS can and wants to play an important role in this development.

For more specific information about our support, services and projects I invite you to explore our website.
I thank you for your time and interest.

Johan Theunissen
Managing Director ISPS BV

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