ISPS has been involved in many projects from the start till many years of operation. The equipment is often sophisticated and needs good technical understanding and experience to operate successfully. Often we arrange training for the local staff. In addition, we offer solutions via our recruitment services.

We organize professional technical and production specialists to maintain and operate the equipment until the local staff is experienced to take over. Throughout the years we have built up a network of reliable professional staff and when not available we are able to recruit the right person. We recruit the best technical candidates in the field of meat processing (poultry, cattle, pig, etc.), food processing and the agricultural sector.


The benefits of working with ISPS Recruitment are significant. ISPS will act as a mediator throughout the recruitment process and ISPS stays active throughout the contract phase by handling administrative tasks (salary payments) and also by looking after the interests of the candidates and employers.

A solid business plan and quality equipment is one thing. The right people that can technically operate or manage the project is another. ISPS has much experience in both and firmly believes that a good connection and combination is vital for successful projects.

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