ISPS provides support by adding value to your projects; we are the central contact between our customers, suppliers, the financing organizations and other stakeholders. We are skilled and experienced in developing and coordinating projects from A to Z. Our philosophy is to always do this in close cooperation with the customer via complete tailor-made solutions. 

logo transparantOur approach is professional and personal; because of our extensive experience and large network we become a partner and establish long term relationships with our customers.

Our added value and competences are shown in:

  1. Developing and coordinating sustainable, profitable projects in meat, food, agricultural, and non-food related projects in Africa. We often start when there is only a project idea.
  2. Arranging financing programs for many of our clients to make the project easier to realize, possibly in combination with setting up a professional business plan and/ or feasibility study.
  3. Determining best fit project size and independent selection of suppliers, varying from cost effective solutions with professional manufacturers to first class internationals suppliers.
  4. Managing the project by providing technical assistance during the project implementation phase and thereafter.
  5. Recruitment of technical, experienced managers to guide and manage (part of the) project, and give training to local employees till they are sufficiently skilled to take over.
  6. Being an active partner in a steering committee or management team of organizations, to brainstorm and make decisions about effective project implementation.
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